Cloud Consolidation & Reporting

Simplify your consolidation and management reporting processes with our Conso & Report Cloud.



Efficient applications

Viareport develops and distributes innovative applications for financial consolidation, management reporting and budget planning, focusing on business challenges:

+ - Collaborative portal

This unique entry point enables you to access all of your applications and relevant documentation. This portal promotes sharing and enables central site and subsidiaries to organize and supervise their processes within a secure collaborative workspace.

+ - Single consolidation and reporting application

Conso & Report, a quick easy-to-use application, enables you to manage all statutory consolidation and management reporting processes, from the initial data import from upstream systems up to the publication of financial statements and dashboards.

+ - Business modules

In addition to the consolidation and reporting engine, Viareport also develops business modules that are used to automate data loading, administer legal events, manage finance leases and operating leases (IFRS 16) and perform real-time data retrieval via the Web or using Office.


Secure hosting

Your data is hosted on several sites with contractual commitments to high availability, security and confidentiality:

+ - Security and confidentiality

We undertake contractually to guarantee the security and confidentiality of your data. You remain the owner of your data.

+ - High availability and upgrades

The guaranteed availability level of our platform is 99.5%. We ensure infrastructure redundancy with several sites located across France and Europe.

You will automatically have access to all version updates and upgrades with the latest version of the application.


Adaptable configurations

Conso & Report is shipped with different configurations that enable you to start a new consolidation or reporting cycle quickly and easily. These configurations are validated by our Norms & Methods Department and are shared with our customer base.

+ - Continual improvement

In terms of regulatory changes or functional enhancements, your solution is constantly kept up-to-date in the Finance Cloud.

+ - Regulatory changes

Our Norms & Methods Department ensures that configurations are compliant with regulatory changes (IFRS or CRC 99-02). These enhancements are validated by partner chartered accountants and shared with all of our users.

+ - At your assistance

We welcome feedback from our users because we strive to constantly improve our applications and configurations (transaction currencies, tax proofs, etc.).


Responsive expert customer support

Because financial consolidation complies with a specific framework and because the publication of financial statements and reporting is often carried out in extremely short deadlines, Viareport ensures that a dedicated team is available to provide quick solutions to business and technical issues..

+ - Accessible

You can reach our Paris-based Service Center by phone (standard rate number) or using our Support ticketing tool, Mondays to Fridays 9 am to 6 pm. An English- or French-speaking expert will always be available to address your issues

+ - Responsive

Our Service Center ensures the operational availability of your application with a guaranteed response time of less than four hours.

+ - Expert

Staffed with a team of dedicated consultants, our Service Center groups technical, functional and business skills to provide accurate answers to your problems.

Your benefits

Discover our Cloud Finance in action


« We wanted a configurable collaborative tool that would be SaaS-based. Viareport meets these prerequisites perfectly. The fact that the tool is easy to use is also a big advantage because our teams find it simpler to work with. »

Emmanuelle Ratzmann, Accounting Director - GAUMONT GROUP

« We chose the Viareport Online solution, which is the reference in its market. Based on the SAP FC engine, it includes all legal reporting and management reporting processes.»

Hong-Linh Tran, Group Financial Controller - 5àSEC

« This solution has yielded several payoffs. Firstly, the automation of the process eliminates data manipulation in Excel which was a frequent source of errors. »

Thierry Pelta, Tax Director - LE FIGARO GROUP

« Viareport was able to provide a customized solution by specifically developing a consolidated cash flow statement using EBITDA and by providing high quality responsive human support in implementing the tool as well as in training and operations. »

Rosalie Morlon-Tran, Financial Controller - GERARD DAREL GROUP