Consulting services & Training

Viareport has a team of over 50 functional and IT consultants who are all specialized in Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions.

These unique skills enable us to assist you at each stage of your project:


Analysis and diagnosis

> Analysis and mapping of the existing situation
> Optimization of your applications and platforms
> Risk identification and analysis of process reliability

Integration and maintenance

> Revamp and optimization of your applications
>Strengthening of your business, functional or technical teams to secure projects
> Assistance in preparing the statement of requirements, managing acceptance and retrieving historical data

Supervision and performance 

> Unification of consolidation and management reporting
> Implementation of indicators and dashboards
Support in setting up budget and forecast reporting and statutory consolidation

Change management and governance

> Change support for new tools
> Assistance in adopting regulatory changes
> Training of functional, IT and business teams

> Viareport's accredited training center proposes courses on EPM applications in the following fields: Installation, Maintenance, Integration and Operations.

> From the management of your finance lease contracts to the publication of your consolidated financial statements, we endeavor to share best practices that will help you use the tool effectively.

> Our training courses are conducted by consultants who possess dual expertise in functional domains (accounting, consolidation, management control, etc.) as well as in technical fields.


Consolidate your accounts in SAP® FC

Discover the best practices for using SAP FC, whether you are just getting started or you are already familiar with it.

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Audit your consolidated accounts in SAP® FC

Master the step-by-step methodology that will guide you in validating the consolidation cycle from the initial data reporting stage up to the consolidated financial statements.

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Manage lease contracts using LEASE

Administer and manage finance leases and operating leases more efficiently in compliance with IFRS 16.

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Configure and administer SAP® FC

Understand and comply with all of the procedures when updating your configuration and reports.

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Integrate data in SAP® FC

Identify and configure data formats, files and cross-reference mapping tables in order to integrate data from upstream accounting or ERP systems in SAP® FC.

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Create data analysis reports in MICROSOFT® EXCEL

Combine the power of SAP® FC and the flexibility of Excel to create and populate your own dashboards and consolidated financial statements.

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Build your own cube in SAP® FC DESIGNER

Compile, administer and update data in an SAP® FC Designer cube.

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Design your report using EPM ADD-IN

Become proficient in using cubes and retrieving analysis data using EPM Add-In (formerly known as SAP® Extended Analytics).

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Design data retrieval reports in SAP® FC

Define, create and populate your own dashboards, data analyses and data retrieval reports.

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Perform the day-to-day administration of SAP® FC

Achieve greater autonomy in SAP® FC operations and configuration.

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Understand SAP® DM and the procedures to be complied with in the operating cycle.

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Administer reports in SAP® DISCLOSURE MANAGEMENT

Master the functional administration of SAP® DM and the procedures to be respected in the operating cycle.

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A specific need? Our customized training courses can help you

Contact a Viareport consultant trainer to prepare a customized training course that is adapted to your needs, to your level of knowledge of the application and to your job.

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Your benefits

50 expert consultants

A reactive team with expert interlocutors, mastering your environments and your processes.

A vertical support

Centered on your businesses needs, our applications favor an immediate handling. They propose interfaces and features as simple as intuitive.

A proven methodology

Our applications and turnkey configurations allow the users to concentrate on the analysis rather than on the production of the data.


« We chose the Viareport Online solution, which is the reference in its market. Based on the SAP FC engine, it includes all legal reporting and management reporting processes.»

Hong-Linh Tran, Group Financial Controller - 5àSEC

« We wanted a configurable collaborative tool that would be SaaS-based. Viareport meets these prerequisites perfectly. The fact that the tool is easy to use is also a big advantage because our teams find it simpler to work with.»

Emmanuelle Ratzmann, Accounting Director - GAUMONT GROUP

« Viareport was able to provide a customized solution by specifically developing a consolidated cash flow statement using EBITDA and by providing high quality responsive human support in implementing the tool as well as in training and operations. »

Rosalie Morlon-Tran, Financial Controller - GERARD DAREL GROUP

« This solution has yielded several payoffs. Firstly, the automation of the process eliminates data manipulation in Excel which was a frequent source of errors. »

Thierry Pelta, Tax Director - LE FIGARO GROUP