Willing to keep innovating, we have put several measures in place. Following is a focus on the main ones:

Development strategy

    Our product development strategy revolves around 3 strong approaches:
  1.  make the user the center of the strategy
  2. continuous innovation
  3. maximize the navigation of our products.
      The user is the center of the development of our softwares. Thanks to the Cloud, we benefit from a priceless vector for improvements. We improve our softwares by regular updates, taking into account our users feedbacks.

The «Factory» : our product committee

      The «Factory» is a place where representative customers of our market share their ideas with our development team. This meeting allows us to check that our applications are as close as possible to the users’ needs, and helps us define and anticipate the financial experts’ expectations.
      The Factory also enables us to collect essential feedbacks from ground use and to think about the evolutions of our products already on the market or under development.

Norms & Methods Department

      Through the Norms & Methods Department, Viareport makes sure that the presets we develop are maximized and updated to the applicable standards.
      Viareport regularly updates its presets according to the customers’ feedbacks and to the standards evolutions.


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