GREEN ATTITUDE : concrete actions & growing ambition

Viareport applies a sustainable development policy. Caring about the
environment and aware of the stakes, a «green team» constituted of 8
people has been created to manage this issue throughout the company.

The aims:

  1. Reduce the environmental impact of the company (consumables, electricity, trips, trash, etc.)
  2. Establish a solid CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  3. Favor local purchases
  4. To have a green attitude

Concrete actions:

  • BPI French certification : a program that accompanies SME through sustainability.
  • Selective sorting in our Paris offices : collection of paper, paper cups, batteries and light bulbs.
  • Monthly newsletter specialized on the green actions.
  • Creation of a team of co-workers willing to responsibly improve the work quality.

Growing ambition:

  • Corporate challenges
  • Sustainable equipment
  • Sustainability charter
  • Social project


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