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Viareport - Faciliter la fonction financière
Viareport is the ideal solution to manage
your statutory consolidation
your consolidated management reporting process
your leasing contracts

Viareport, facilitating
financial performances by Apps & Services


Automate the production of your consolidated accounts

Optimize your financial management reporting process

Centralize lease contracts for all subsidiaries


We were very satisfied with the support provided by Viareport. In this type of project, there are two very important aspects. Firstly, the relationship with the sales consultant, and secondly, the competence of the consultant in charge of the project.

Benoît Daget

Director of Consolidation, Clarins

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The application is able to satisfy our different needs perfectly. We also expected the Help Desk to be highly responsive and we were not disappointed as their service fully met our requirements. We are highly satisfied with daily operations in Conso & Report.

Anaïs Allain

PMU Accounting and Tax Supervisor

KP1-5 à sec-Neoen

The use of the application saved a significant amount of time. It’s very easy to use and adopt intuitively for our yearly consolidations. The management of asset leasing is fundamental for us. With the approach of IFRS 16, this will mean an important increase in the number of asset leases with over 300 additional assets to be restated.

Patrick Lair


We were equally attracted by both the technical and financial advantages of the SaaS-based offering. We chose the Viareport Online solution, which is the reference in its market. Based on the SAP FC engine, it includes all legal reporting and management reporting processes.

Hong-Linh Tran

Group Financial Controller

The Viareport offering provided flexibility during deployment thanks to the cloud-based solution. Employees can access the application anywhere in the world, from Australia to Mexico.
The choice of Viareport was obvious. We were perfectly satisfied with the fixed-price contract.

Sébastien François

Head of Consolidation and Reporting

Sequens-Nexity-France Air

We are already used to Viareport’s environment as we regularly use Conso & Report. This simplified mapping and the user friendliness of the app convinced us to choose Lease. The app does not only provide financial data and analysis, but also business metrics that allow us to have a better negotiating power. "

Emilie Blain

Consolidation Officer at SEQENS

We needed a tool that could allow us to import numerous contracts at once, and then automatically transfer the updated data to our consolidation software. It was way too complicated for us to do it manually. The software is very user-friendly, our team members did not need any specific training. "

Laurent Crochet

Consolidation Officer at Nexity

Viareport provides high quality customer support. We can rely on professionals who master the tool, and who are skilled in IT as well as consolidation techniques. This is a significant asset. We are no longer alone in the consolidation.

Camille Hauteville


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