A team of business and functional experts will intervene in each step of your EPM project.

Improve the performance of your financial information system

Our job is to improve the performance of our customers. To achieve this goal, we need to solve recurrent IT issues. Innovation, expertise and assistance are our keys to the performance of your information system. Our offering in consulting services, solutions and outsourcing ensure that all of your issues are covered.

Expertise in SAP EPM technological platforms
Expertise in Microsoft, Citrix, Oracle
Bespoke assistance and sharing of best practices
Technology watch
Performance optimization

Definition and scalability of technical architectures

  • Functional organization (dimensions, system usage planning, list of processing)
  • Mapping of users
  • Definition of environments
  • Security constraints (authentication, high availability, DRP)
  • Definition of technical platforms (operating system, database management system, HTTP engine)
  • Data volume
  • Identification of performance levers
  • Revamp of the existing architecture

Integration, migration and installation

  • Installation and integration of software applications within your environments
  • Compliance with standard software publisher manuals and best practices
  • Version upgrades for SAP EPM in a sandbox environment without any impact on operations
  • Automation of data collection interfaces

IT diagnostic

  • Performance metrics (data quality and volume, response times, user-friendliness, compliance with specifications, maintainability)
  • Improvement via five key performance levers, i.e. technical platform, processes, people, configuration and product
  • One-off audit
  • Performance management

Coaching and training

  • Coaching of operational teams and development of their expertise in SAP EPM applications
  • Assistance in preparing and producing operating manuals
  • Reinforcement of technical teams during critical periods in the operating cycle
  • Assistance in maintaining the operational readiness of your financial information system
  • Improvement of your team’s analysis skills and responsiveness in the event of technical incidents

Did you know...

Discover our complementary solutions.


Discover our bespoke or turnkey solutions that adapt the consolidation and reporting processes to your specific requirements and optimize the operating cycle of your applications.



Enjoy global assistance and support for all financial consolidation and management reporting issues related to your SAP EPM solutions.



Outsource the hosting and administration of your SAP EPM applications and platforms.

IT Consulting Services: FAQ

+ - How are Viareport solutions commercialized ?

Viareport solutions can be acquired via a License + Maintenance package or a subscription licensing model. As such, Viareport is able to ensure the upgrading of solutions, the flexibility required for adapting these solutions to your specific technical and functional requirements as well as access to our Help Desk.

+ - What is the average time required for implementing a Viareport solution ?

Viareport solutions require just a few days for implementation, regardless of the existing configuration. They have been specially developed to meet functional requirements while providing an alternative to complex and time-consuming configurations. This means that we are able to guarantee that our solutions will not have a structural impact on the existing FC configuration.

+ - Are Viareport solutions maintained in line with SAP FC developments ?

Maintenance ensures that Viareport solutions remain compatible with the latest updates and versions developed by SAP.

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