SAP EPM compatible  solutions

Optimize your consolidation and reporting processes within your SAP EPM applications thanks to our turnkey solutions.

Every stage of the reporting process can be handled with our solutions


Optimize the reporting and ensure data reliability

+ - Improve the way intercompany data is reconciled

Intercompany data reconciliation is often a tedious time-consuming process in the preparation of financial statements.

Our Recolive solution enables you to decentralize the intercompany reconciliation processing and to optimize the data reporting cycle.

Contributors can view their intercompany amounts converted to the reporting currency or declared in the transaction currency in real-time.

This functionality, which is simple to set up, can be operational within a few hours.

+ - Segment your data entry processes whenever required

You want to optimize the data reporting cycle for subsidiaries and apply specific user access rights and restrictions in real-time.

Lock, a Viareport solution that can be integrated within SAP® FC, enables authorized users to lock and unlock decentralized data entry for specific types of data, e.g. intercompany data, in real-time.

+ - Audit package data using accounting information available in SAP FC

You use the DataLink interface module and you want to trace and differentiate between package data and data imported from upstream systems.

The Datalive functionnality provides a simple drill-back solution that enables you to view source data originating from upstream systems directly in the consolidation or reporting package.

+ - Enjoy a modern multi-browser interface with business-specific usability features and new key functionalities

To increase effectiveness, you need a user interface with smooth and intuitive navigation.

We designed the Conso & Report interface  specially for business users so that it provides easy navigation and deployment without technical constraints for employees in subsidiaries.

+ - Manage finance leases and operating leases in a flexible and reliable way

You need to manage finance and/or operating leases. You want to supervise your company's borrowings and automate restatements in an easy and reliable way.

The Viareport Lease solution ensures the management, logging and identification of financial data and guarantees the monitoring of lease contracts for your finance leases or operating leases in compliance with IFRS16 requirements.

+ - Access legal information and monitor changes in company capital in a centralized and collaborative way

The management of corporate offices and capital requires the implementation of an appropriate tool to ensure the correct distribution of power within the governing bodies and to provide a clear and up-to-date information.

Our Corporate solution centralizes the legal data of your subsidiaries and provides a better overview of your Group in order to satisfy your requirements regarding regulatory compliance, workflows and security.


Extract and analyze data

+ - Measure, analyze and optimize the performance of your management reporting and financial consolidation application

Your information system does not meet your requirements in terms of performance and reliability. Your technical architecture is not flexible enough to satisfy the increasing growth of your company?

PerfRunner methodology enables you to optimize processes by conducting technical and functional analyses of your SAP® FC environment. It relies on technical tools to measure performance. A diagnosis is conducted in order to draw up a list of corrective actions.


Monitor performance with QlikView

+ - Create a QlikView reporting and analysis environment using SAP FC data in real-time

You want full control of your analyses so that you can consolidate, explore, view and analyze all of your data sources with an unprecedented overview of your business?


Designed to enable QlikView® to analyze financial data dynamically, our QBridge connector ensures that users can access SAP FC consolidated data in real-time as QlikView data (QVD).


Platform administration

+ - Outsource the technical and functional management of your Group's SAP® EPM solutions

You want to optimize user management and avoid problems related to user disconnection.

The Web Administration Console enables you to remotely manage the technical console for SAP FC applications. The secure access allows end users some freedom on their connections and offers you the possibility of centralizing the status of different FC applications in a single location.

Your benefits

Turnkey solutions

Reduce hazards bound to the costs of consulting. That it is based on a system of fixed package or prepaid coupons, the offer of maintenance allows you to anticipate and to follow the entire costs bound to the technical and/or functional maintenance of your applications EPM.

Improvement of the internal satisfaction

The technical and/or functional maintenance of the applications EPM includes a number of low value-added tasks for your in-house teams. To benefit from a TMA with Viareport allows them to concentrate on the higher value-added tasks.

Specific developments

Our vertical expertise on all the applications EPM allows us to send a large number of subjects, technical or functional, according to the particular requests of our customers.


« We wanted a configurable collaborative tool that would be SaaS-based. Viareport meets these prerequisites perfectly. The fact that the tool is easy to use is also a big advantage because our teams find it simpler to work with.»

Emmanuelle Ratzmann, Accounting Director - GAUMONT GROUP

« We chose the Viareport Online solution, which is the reference in its market. Based on the SAP FC engine, it includes all legal reporting and management reporting processes. »

Hong-Linh Tran, Group Financial Controller - 5àSec GROUP

« Viareport was able to provide a customized solution by specifically developing a consolidated cash flow statement using EBITDA and by providing high quality responsive human support in implementing the tool as well as in training and operations. »

Rosalie Morlon-Tran, Financial Controller - GERARD DAREL GROUP

« This solution has yielded several payoffs. Firstly, the automation of the process eliminates data manipulation in Excel which was a frequent source of errors. »

Thierry Pelta, Tax Director - LE FIGARO GROUP