Assist strategy and growth dynamics thanks to reliable reporting

Business sector

Retail laundry and dry cleaning


€5.8 M in 2014

5àSec website

A brief description of 5àSec

Established in 1968 in Marseille, the 5àSec Group is the world leader in the cleaning and care of textiles.

The brand developed a unique concept to provide customers with quick and efficient service that includes a personalized diagnosis, guaranteed high quality service, deadline compliance, transparent pricing and a commitment to sustainable development.

Building on its success in France, 5àSec has expanded internationally and today, can boast a global network of 1,900 stores across 30 countries. The main shareholders of the 5àSec Group are investment fund companies such as ING Parcom Equity, Quilvest Private Equity and the management team.


Reduced deployment cost of the solution and easy adaptation for getting started.

Fundamental reporting functionalities that are adaptable to 5àSec requirements.

Technical and functional support appreciated by the 5àSec Finance division.



> Solution dedicated for the statutory consolidation

> Excel for the Management reporting

> Difficulty with the intra-group data reconciliation



> To save time in the consolidation process, in particular by allowing the subidiaries to manage their intra-group data reconciliation in real time

> Enhance reliability of the data

> Have an unified solution by statutory consolidation (in the standards CRC99-02 and IFRS) and of management reporting

> Concentrate on the analysis and the piloting rather than on the production of figures



The access to our Viareport Finance Cloud including the solutions:
 Conso & Report: Web interface with decentralized accesses in subsidiaries
> Link: Import of tax returns
> Notes: Financial statements
> Lease: Lease contracts or operating lease contracts


Customer testimonial featuring Hong-Linh Tran,
Group Financial Controller, 5àSec Group.

« Our previous solution was no longer suitable because it did not ensure reporting data reliability. We therefore decided to adopt a recognized and stabilized solution. »



« We chose the Viareport Online solution, which is the reference in its market. Based on the SAP FC engine, it includes all legal reporting and management reporting processes.

It also enables the implementation and monitoring of all types of indicators, irrespective of whether they are financial indicators or not, for multiple category scenarios and with an in-depth analysis that can include several configurable analysis dimensions.

We were equally attracted by both the technical and financial advantages of the SaaS-based offering.


The main characteristics of the Viareport financial reporting solution that won us over were as follows:

> The credible, sustainable and stabilized consolidation engine.

> A comprehensive predefined configuration for running statutory consolidations that required very little adaptation and therefore cut deployment costs significantly.

> Strong technical and functional skills to assist us in deploying our management reporting.

> SaaS-based solution with updates performed transparently for users.

> Cost containment.

> A multilingual platform available in English and French. : Français, Anglais.

> Functionalities required by our reporting and adaptable to our needs, such as intercompany data entry using the transaction currency, analysis by geographical region for legal entities and the hierarchical chart of accounts for reporting categories.

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