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Business sector

Film production, distribution and exploitation


€217 M in 2015

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A brief description of Gaumont

Founded about 120 years ago, Gaumont used to specialize in film production and movie theaters, until the start of the 2000s when the Group decided to spin off the cinema division into a joint venture with Pathé.

For the past five years, Gaumont has been developing their television division through the acquisition of French fiction and animation studios and by creating a subsidiary in the United States.

Currently combining production, distribution, a network of movie theaters and a catalogue of some of the most prestigious films in the world, Gaumont is today a major leader in cinema. The Group comprises four main sites located respectively in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Saint-Ouen, Vincennes and Los Angeles.


An immediate deployment of the application in every country

A fast appropriation of Gaumont's financial direction thanks to an user-friendly application

Our methodology and configuration were commended by the Group's statutory auditors



> Strong development of the international group: conversion problems and perimeters variations issues

> Process centralized with limits in terms of reliability and evolution capacities (old monopost solution)



> Deploy a solution capable of driving the Group's international growth and business

> Besides being more reliable, the new solution must also offer increased flexibility, collaboration and easier administration



The access to our Viareport Finance Cloud including the solutions:
> Conso & Report: Web interface with decentralized accesses in subsidiaries
> Link: Import of tax returns
> Notes: Financial statements

> Access to the configuration and the know-how transmission with the teams from headquarters
> Training of the users in subsidiaries


June 2013
Signing of the project


September 2013


October 2013


November 2013 to January 2014
Retrieval of historical data


Customer testimonial featuring Emmanuelle Ratzmann,
Accounting Director, Gaumont Group.

"The technical sophistication of the consolidation, as well as the volume of accounting entries and processing have increased significantly between 2011 and 2012. Our American subsidiary was not required to comply with the same standards, accounting was outsourced and we needed to set up many controls.

Our Reflex solution was starting to show its limits from a technical viewpoint and our standalone setup was an impediment with data transfer becoming too risky."


"In order to open new perspectives and retrieve data from our US subsidiary in a decentralized process, we wanted our Accounting teams to work together using a collaborative tool. We really needed to change our solution.

As we were already familiar with SAP FC, we naturally opted for this tool. We consulted Viareport in 2013 and made a decision quickly during the June closing.

The configuration was implemented in September, training was conducted in October, and historical data was retrieved in January during our consolidation process. The well-adapted training plan delivered effective training. The methodology used enabled quick and efficient deployment together with a configuration of quality. Our statutory auditors were highly satisfied."


"We chose this solution primarily for the SAP FC engine and the competitive pricing Viareport offered for its access. 80% of CAC 40 companies use SAP FC. It's the preferred market tool in terms of consolidation, even for smaller-sized Groups."


"We wanted a configurable collaborative tool that would be SaaS-based. Viareport meets these prerequisites perfectly. The fact that the tool is easy to use is also a big advantage because our teams find it simpler to work with. From a functional standpoint, our priority was to be able to run controls on the data entered and lock data to ensure consistency. I was also impressed by certain automated processing, the notes to the financial statements and data entry reports."

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