Our Training Division can help develop the functional software and business skills of your employees

We offer 15 training programs to increase your knowledge on all SAP EPM applications

Viareport’s accredited training center proposes courses on EPM applications in the following fields:
Installation, Maintenance, Integration and Operations.

Optimize the use of SAP EPM applications within your teams

  • Improve your skills on SAP FC while learning more about financial consolidation and reporting.
  • Each training course is adapted to your level of knowledge of the application and to your job.
  • Our trainers all possess skills in both business as well as IT systems.
  •  A tried and tested training methodology which focuses on case studies and real-life examples
  • Training in your working environment and using your data

Wide range of standard courses and customized courses available
Best practices shared so that you can use your application effectively
Over ten years of experience in the field of training
Training available in French or English


A specific need? Our customized training courses can help you:

Consolidate your accounts in SAP® FC

Discover the best practices for using SAP FC, whether you are just getting started or you are already familiar with it.

Audit your consolidated accounts in SAP® FC

Master the step-by-step methodology that will guide you in validating the consolidation cycle from the initial data reporting stage up to the consolidated financial statements.

Manage lease contracts using LEASE

Administer and manage finance leases and operating leases more efficiently in compliance with IFRS 16.

Configure and administer SAP® FC

Understand and comply with all of the procedures when updating your configuration and reports.

Integrate data in SAP® FC

Identify and configure data formats, files and cross-reference mapping tables in order to integrate data from upstream accounting or ERP systems in SAP® FC.

Create data analysis reports in MICROSOFT® EXCEL

Combine the power of SAP® FC and the flexibility of Excel to create and populate your own dashboards and consolidated financial statements.

Build your own cube in SAP® FC DESIGNER

Compile, administer and update data in an SAP® FC Designer cube.

Design your report using EPM ADD-IN

Become proficient in using cubes and retrieving analysis data using EPM Add-In (formerly known as SAP® Extended Analytics).

Design data retrieval reports in SAP® FC

Define, create and populate your own dashboards, data analyses and data retrieval reports.

Perform the day-to-day administration of SAP® FC

Achieve greater autonomy in SAP® FC operations and configuration.


Understand SAP® DM and the procedures to be complied with in the operating cycle.

Administer reports in SAP® DISCLOSURE MANAGEMENT

Master the functional administration of SAP® DM and the procedures to be respected in the operating cycle.

A specific need? Our customized training courses can help you

Contact a Viareport consultant trainer to prepare a customized training course that is adapted to your needs, to your level of knowledge of the application and to your job.

Did you know...

Discover our complementary solutions.


Enjoy global assistance and support for all financial consolidation and management reporting issues related to your SAP EPM solutions.


Ensure the reliability of your consolidated reporting (actual, budget, reforecast) using simple innovative applications. Optimize all of the steps in your operating cycle to focus on core business management.


Discover a team of consultants experienced in financial information systems with the necessary business expertise to fully satisfy the expectations of IT Departments.


Enjoy the expertise of our consultants dedicated to assisting your functional and technical teams in their daily tasks.

Training: FAQ

+ - Who is the target audience of the Viareport training programs ?

Our training programs are specially designed for Finance Divisions (consolidation accountants, accountants, management controllers, financial controllers or CFOs), IT Departments (technical and functional administrators, project owners, system architects or IT directors), chartered accountancy firms and audit firms.

+ - Is it possible to conduct training at my corporate site ?

Viareport offers multi-company open training courses conducted on our premises or in-company training courses conducted on your business premises. You can set up the most suitable solution depending on your needs.

+ - How do I submit a request for training subsidies to the OPCA (French joint commission for collective training) ?

The OPCA (French joint commission for collective training) has a professional training fund that subsidizes the training of employees. It provides funds for the training required by employees in order to perform their roles and responsibilities in their company and to maintain and develop their skills. If you want to submit a request for training subsidies you should contact your corporate HR Department. They will take care of the necessary paperwork.

+ - What advantages can training bring to the company and to trainees ?

Even though it is sometimes difficult to fit training within our daily working life because of heavy workloads and tight schedules, training remains a major asset for both the company and its staff.

Employees are given the opportunity to update their knowledge, develop new skills and adapt to changes in their working environment. For the company, besides fulfilling a legal obligation, it helps build staff loyalty by showing the company’s commitment to staff career development.

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