Third Party Application Maintenance

Enjoy the expertise of our consultants dedicated to assisting your functional and technical teams in their daily tasks

SAP EPM Third Party Application Maintenance

With over ten years’ experience in SAP EPM solutions, Viareport is the ideal partner for providing assistance to daily operations in your financial information system and its development over time. Irrespective of your company size or business sector, our team of consultants will help you find standard solutions or specific solutions adapted to your strategic goals.

Help Desk

  • The leading Help Desk for SAP EPM solutions
  • A team of 15 consultants experienced in SAP support
  • Single point of contact for technical or functional issues for each customer in order to foster interactive sharing
  • Expertise in all layers of your SAP EPM solutions, e.g. physical servers, application or business
Call operator

Cost containment as regards maintenance
Responsiveness adapted to your needs
Experienced contacts familiar with your environment
Long-term partnership providing a strategic overview of the development of your systems

Functional Third Party Application Maintenance

  • Day-to-day support, assistance and administration (application platform functional administration, analysis of difficulties related to operations, recommendations for incident resolution)
  • Customer-specific configuration (creation of new KPIs and reports, management of services adapted to your needs)

Modular services: From the occasional reinforcement of your teams right up to the full outsourcing of the functional administration of your tool
IT administration, business and software training available for your teams

Technical Third Party Application Maintenance

  • Incident management (analysis and resolution of technical incidents in the application, management of support tickets opened with SAP)
  • Change management (application of patches, updating of operating scripts)
  • Application methodology (analysis of technical and functional performance indicators, analysis of incident recurrence)
  • Hosting of SAP EPM application platforms: Your applications and databases are outsourced to our secure data center

Partial or full outsourcing depending on your needs
Administration and optimization of your environment


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Third Party Application Maintenance: FAQ

+ - What is Third Party Application Maintenance ?

Third Party Application Maintenance or TPM occurs when companies outsource the maintenance of one or more of their applications to a service provider. The selected service provider undertakes to provide a predefined level of service in maintaining all or part of the customer’s applications and to guarantee application performance and availability. TPM offers a specific service where the service provider uses resources exclusively dedicated to the customer.

+ - What are the goals in setting up TPM ?

The main goals that drive companies to set up TMP are as follows :

  • Control and cut maintenance costs
  • Optimize the performance of the relevant applications
  • Redirect the focus of customer teams on high value-added projects
  • Leverage resources suitable for this task
  • Eliminate constraints related to maintenance

+ - What are the advantages in setting up TPM ?

There are numerous advantages :

  • Ensure responsiveness in line with the predefined response time
  • Redirect the focus of customer teams on core business
  • Optimize the performance of the relevant applications
  • Enjoy dedicated expertise on a daily basis

+ - How can my company implement Third Party Application Maintenance successfully ?

You should concentrate on communication within your teams. Sharing the goals expected will help reduce resistance to change and reassure employees if they fear changes in their scope of intervention.

+ - How can I ensure cost containment with your TPM service ?

The cost of TPM is spread over three specific items:

  1. Fixed cost at the start of the service agreement
  • Meeting with teams in charge of software administration and operations
  • Review of the existing situation, e.g. documentation, architecture, operating procedure, etc.
  • Identification and definition of contacts
  • Start of the TPM service on our monitoring systems
  • Identification of your internal procedures


  1. Fixed yearly cost for TPM management
  • Monitoring of time spent
  • Monitoring of interventions
  1. Variable cost based on ticket usage
  • The cost of a ticket is fixed irrespective of the intervention period
  • The yearly number of tickets is estimated at the start of the service
  • Unused tickets at the agreement renewal date will automatically be allocated to the following year
  • Your Sales Engineer can help you in preparing your yearly budget
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